RimPro-Tec® Wheel Bands are a 5 MPH bumper for your rims. They have a unique two-piece hard plastic design backed with a shock absorbing acrylic foam attachment tape. This makes them an excellent rim guard. Wheel Bands mounting tracks easily tape on to the front lip of rims. They have been specially formed into an arc shape that accurately matches the radius of wheels from 13" to 22". The tough plastic color inserts quickly snap into the mounting tracks. They can be quickly snapped back out for color changes or repairs. 

How can a piece of plastic help avoid damage to your alloy wheel?

Compared to soft alloy wheels that will always be scuffed when hitting a curb, the hard plastic materials used in Wheel Bands hold up well in low speed curb impact situations such as occur in parallel parking, drive thru windows, and ATM machines.